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Albert Einstein once said…

“How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?”

Parenting teens who are dating is one of the most challenging situations affecting families today. I believe that relationships have an enormous impact on the success of student learning.

Our children are experimenting with “first love” at an even earlier age. The relationship choices they make during the pre-teen and teenage years affect their academic success, their self-image and more importantly, their life ambition.

Albert Einstein had a profound point; first love is impossible to explain from an academic perspective. Schools should not be held responsible for teaching students about dating and the consequences that come with those choices. However, parents are often without the tools to help their teens realize the influence of the relationships they form throughout their school years.

I facilitate an interactive workshop geared for the parents of Middle and High School students.

My PowerPoint presentation, modeled after the book Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents, gives specific methods to help parents coach and guide students toward healthier relationships. The book follows the Driver’s Ed Manual providing creative and effective techniques to teach our students how to “Date Defensively, Navigate Safely and Steer Clear of Unhealthy Relationships” using driving and cars as a powerful analogy.

For more information on how to bring this dynamic workshop to your school, church, library, youth coalition or community education event, please contact us at Info@DatersEd.com

Here is what workshop attendees had to say:

“Great workshop! I really learned how to keep lines of communication open.” – Jeanne B. – parent
“Movies are not great dates. You don’t get to know the person.” – Katie G. – 17 year old
“I loved the information on building a Pit Crew.” – Jackie B. – parent
“Our brains aren’t fully developed until 25!” – Justin C. – 16 years old
“Lisa, thank you for your time and most valuable information! I found it to be insightful and informative. I am excited for our daughter to read your book.” – Bethany S. – parent
“I deserve the perfect guy and it’ worth taking the time.” – Dannielle H. – 15 year old
“Girls like gentlemen and we have to give them their space.” – Mitchell R. – 13 year old

Some of the benefits of this presentation include:

  • Defining dating in our culture and when dating really begins
  • Tips to promote active parenting with specific goals and expectations
  • Keys to better communication between parent and child
  • Proven methods to slow the process of building relationships
  • Illustrations and applications to drive each point home
  • How to use technology to your advantage
  • How to keep students focused on schoolwork and future career goals
  • Creating healthy boundaries for all relationships
  • How to recognize warning signs and blind corners in a relationships

I look forward to scheduling a date with your organization to bring this vital information to the parents and educators in your community. If requested, I will provide sample slides from the PowerPoint presentation and discuss customizing the workshop to suit your needs.

This program is ideal for the Middle School level, but is also recommended for High School or Elementary School parents as well Please email your request to Info@DatersEd.com for details on this program.

For shorter programs, below is a menu of additional programs that are great as a mix-and-match series. For more information, contact Lisa Jander at Lisa@DatersEd.com

     Dater’s Ed – 45 minute “High-Octane Teen Workshops”

1.     Free Teen Dating Memberships You Should Know About

The world is much more accessible to our teens. How do you define dating today and are you sure your teen isn’t already dating? Find out from the Teen Dating Mechanic where our kids are practicing how to date and what you can do to steer them in the right direction.

2.     Good to Great

Small changes in our pattern of speech can dramatically improve our relationships. Are you having trouble with a co-worker? Is your neighbor difficult to talk to? Are you and your spouse on the same page? Learn how to go from being a good communicator to a great communicator in all your relationships – especially when parenting teens.

3.     All Dressed up and Nowhere To Go

Teens can’t wait to be all grown up. Where does your teen go to have fun? Are they asking for trouble because they have no plans, no schedule and no supervision? With the help of the Teen Dating Mechanic, you can teach kids how to create fun ways to date safely by logging healthy dating hours.

4.     Three Speeding Tickets and You Blame the Car?

Accountability and responsibility in teen dating are tough concepts. Does your student take ownership of what they have to offer in a friendship or a dating relationship? With the Teen Dating Mechanic, help your teen see their own value and what they have to offer.

5.     Chaos on the Dating Bus

You hire someone to teach your teen to drive. Who do you have in mind to instruct them in dating or will they just get behind the wheel without any practice? Learn from the Teen Dating Mechanic how to approach teen dating from a more academic perspective with people you can trust.

6.     Bank of Dad and Money Mommy

Movie tickets – $8.50, popcorn – $4.00, gas to get there – $30.00. Who is funding your teen’s dating career? Have you taken out a second mortgage just so your son can take his girlfriend to the Prom? Qualifying for Driver’s Ed requires proper I.D., parental permission and lots of money. Does your teen qualify?

7.     Grandma Bought a Monster Truck

Does your student have a crush on the Prom Queen and he is a self-proclaimed dork? Is your daughter crazy about a boy three years older? Finding the right person to date can be like driving blind. Learn from the Teen Whisperer how to help your teen slow down and shift into logic-mode in all their relationship choices.

8.     Have I Got a Deal for You!

Your teen is sold on a person you don’t approve of. How are you going to talk them out of this one? Learn how to get in the race by creating a Pit Crew to win over the Salesmen your teen faces daily.

9.     Start Your Engines!

Preparing as parents for the teen dating years can be overwhelming and downright frightening. Knowing where your teen is headed is half the battle. With the help of the Teen Dating Mechanic, you can teach your teen how to engage in meaningful conversations that will help them avoid a dating collision and keep them on the right road.

For more information, contact Lisa Jander at Lisa@DatersEd.com to schedue your event!

Safe teen dating does not happen by accident. It’s time to STOP RECKLESS DATING!

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To find out if your teen is on the right road to healthy relationships and test their dating maturity, take the FREE Teen Dating Readiness Gauge and get your teen’s score in minutes!

For more information about the comprehensive, self-paced, online curriculum, visit TeenDatingLicense.com