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Teen Dating License

Welcome to Dater’Home 1-1s Ed for you and your student – modeled after the Driver’s Ed manual to ensure your teen will date safely ONLY at the appropriate age of maturity that YOU determine… and not a moment sooner!

How will you equip your teen to steer clear of…

  • Teen dating violence and abuse?
  • Teen sex and pregnancy?
  • Teen drug and alcohol abuse?
  • Teen depression, anxiety, stress and suicide?

We are in the midst of a teen dating crisis and Dater’s Ed has the solution:

the Teen Dating Permit and the Teen Dating License.

Teens are in contact with thousands of other singles throughout their school years. Someone has to guide them, steer them, keep them between the lines and off the curbs. You and your student are about to take a family road trip where you will explore the three biggest questions that just might change the way you view dating.

So, you KNOW your teen is worth the investment but how will you know when he or she is ready to start dating? Easy…

Take the FREE “Teen Dating Readiness Gauge” and find out!


Dater’s Ed uses very common Driver’s Ed analogies that can be found everywhere. These comparisons will provide you with specific parallels that you can shift into instantly for “on-the-spot wisdom.” This course will raise hundreds of questions, some left unanswered, to inspire you to create your own response. It will give kids a chance to take the wheel and develop healthy social skills in a safe environment. Just like Driver’s Ed, we encourage parental participation and supervised learning inside a structured curriculum. 

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Who is teaching your student about the hazards of teen dating?

 AND…Who is having more influence on teen dating in your home, you or the the rest of the world?

This comprehensive curriculum provides a PROACTIVE EDUCATION TO AVOID THE NEED FOR A REACTIVE SOLUTION. This course has over 20 hours of online instruction and the recommended time commitment is easy…less than an hour a week. The great news is that there is no time limit so you can go at your own pace!

We don’t promote teen dating; our culture does. This curriculum is designed to give you a fun, family framework in which to teach these important relational principles and it’s based on something you and your teen are already familiar with – cars and driving. You know how to drive and you know how to teach driving. Apply these concepts to dating and you have the Dater’s Ed course. browse-small

You are at the crossroads and Dater’s Ed is the ONLY formal training of its kind.

   Dater’s Ed

*  Is a self-paced course that takes less than one hour a week
*  Is an online curriculum accessed on your computer in the comfort of your own home
*  Combines driving, teen brain development and healthy relationships to drive home dating concepts
*  Is critical for understanding how to respect the opposite gender
*  Works with any schedule – 24 hour access / 7 days a week
*  Promotes a family framework and encourages parental guidance
*  Provides dozens of safe, structured, supervised ways to “practice” relational skills without actually dating
*  Is more affordable that a new set of tires and will never wear out!
*  Can be applied to any social or relational setting and even helps with job interviews!

Do you want to know what to expect? Great! Watch a short video by clicking here or 10-13take a test-drive through the FREE chapters here. 

Dater’s Ed will give you and your student the confidence, wisdom and discernment to recognize potentially dangerous situations and determine when it’s just best to stay home.  Once your teen has completed the Teen Dating Permit, just like with the Driver’s Permit, he or she will still have more to learn.  That is whay we’ve created the Teen Dating License with over 10 more hours of healthy relationship skills instruction that can be applied to any social situation – not just dating!

Take the course solo or take it as a family, the choice is yours. Each course is only $19.95. Find the one that works for you. 


 Who else is going to teach your student to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships?

We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to! 

Take the “Teen Dating Readiness Gauge” now to see if your student is prepared for healthy relationships.


 Buckle up, parents! This is the Law of Attraction. Safe teen dating does not happen by accident!

Welcome to Dater’s Ed!

Still not sure? Click here to take a look at what the first course has to offer.

Teen dating is not what it used to be…

  • What is the definition of dating?
  • When is it safe to begin dating?
  • What role do parents play?

If you don’t know the answers…we can help!

If you have any questions, Lisa can be contacted at Lisa@DatersEd.comIf you don’t have any luck finding her there, she is probably on a roof watching hot air balloons with a bunch of crazy teens singing off key.  If you see Lisa wandering aimlessly in a mall parking lot with her keys in her hand, please help her find her car.