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Are You a Dating Abuse Rubbernecker?

How do you know if you would be a dating abuse rubbernecker? What is it about an auto accident that makes so many people stare but so few stop to help? I bet spectators outweigh participants 100 to one…if not more. Human nature has a way of finding more reasons to stay out it instead of offering to help. Watch the video. Think about the last time you saw an …Read More

The Cycle of Teen Dating Violence and Abuse

1 out of 3 teens is the victim of physical, emotional, sexual, verbal or digital abuse from a dating partner. Abuse comes in many forms. It is important to educate our teens about the subtleties of abuse and give them detailed directions about how to recognize abuse. “I love that he calls me all the time,” might really be a red flag for jealousy or possessiveness that is beginning to develop. The warning is …Read More