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Are You a Dating Abuse Rubbernecker?

How do you know if you would be a dating abuse rubbernecker? What is it about an auto accident that makes so many people stare but so few stop to help? I bet spectators outweigh participants 100 to one…if not more. Human nature has a way of finding more reasons to stay out it instead of offering to help. Watch the video. Think about the last time you saw an …Read More

Teenage Dating Advice – Safety First

In 1981, I rolled my Plymouth Horizon down a very steep embankment…and lived by the grace of God. I had no idea when I invested in that car how safe it really was until I put it to the test. Fortunately, the Lord knew that car would protect my life when I needed it most. Reflecting back on dating, I can’t say I ever felt as safe. Sure, a man …Read More