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Protect And Defend The One You Love

It was such a great visit! Meeting Trevor’s mom for the first time went well. Ashlee and Trevor left his mom’s house with the seal of approval and hope for a future…until the phone rang. Trevor’s mom could easily be heard screaming through the back of Trevor’s Smartphone as he tensed up under the attack. Ashlee sat listening with tears filling her eyes as Trevor’s mom demanded that he break …Read More

Are You a Dating Abuse Rubbernecker?

How do you know if you would be a dating abuse rubbernecker? What is it about an auto accident that makes so many people stare but so few stop to help? I bet spectators outweigh participants 100 to one…if not more. Human nature has a way of finding more reasons to stay out it instead of offering to help. Watch the video. Think about the last time you saw an …Read More

3 Ways To Speak Words Of Love – Part II

Words in the form of genuine compliments, encouragement, praise or acknowledgement can make a world of difference in how love is expressed and received a relationship between two people. Likewise, words that tear down, berate, dismiss or cause doubt will obviously not have a positive effect and can even be hurtful or damaging. The brain has a way of taking inputs and turning them into beliefs. So, as an example, …Read More

Are You Dating A Lug Nut?

What’s in a name? As in Chrysler? Honda? Ford? Or Smith? If you are familiar with the name, it probably evoked some sort of response when you read each one: “Chrysler-struggling.” “Honda-dependable.” “Ford-aggressive.” “Smith-self-centered.” The manufacturer of a particular vehicle says a lot about what you can expect in performance, reputation, accountability and will give dozens of other indicators to help you make your decision and not end up dating …Read More

The Key To Dating With Realistic Expectations

Align expectations with reality and you will be less likely to be disappointed. Tyler said he was madly in love with the Mercedes-Benz AMG. So, he bought a Kia Scion and was convinced that his “influence” over the car would transform it into the AMG that he really wanted. He saw the potential. He had hope. How crazy is that? Well, you might think that is a little nuts, but …Read More

3 Dating Tune-up Tips You Need To Move Forward

“Ugh. Worse than I expected. Again. Sure glad we caught this before it became a bigger problem.” These sobering words could be spoken by a car owner or… someone in a dating relationship. Cars come with a service schedule to remind us to check the condition of our precious vehicle to make sure it is running smoothly. How nice would it be to have routine maintenance on our dating relationships …Read More

3 Bad Habits in Dating

It was the third date…and probably the last. Ever since they started dating, the way she would butt into conversations was just plain annoying. Jake really liked Bri’s positive attitude, her sense of humor and her talent on the basketball court. But off the court, it was impossible to tell a story without her interrupting. If Jake brought it to her attention, she would pout for a while and then …Read More

Your Dating License Has Been Revoked

A few years ago, Allstate launched a campaign to help keep teens safe on the road. The agreement contains safe driving tips and a promise to stay focused and not get distracted.  Allstate also recommended a parent/teen driving contract to encourage safe, responsible driving. If the contract is broken, driving privileges would be revoked or suspended until further notice. But wait, isn’t that why teens need to get a driver’s license – …Read More

Don’t Date Someone You Wouldn’t Marry

How do you define dating? The popular mantra circulating in the adult community as dating advice for teens is, “Don’t ever date someone you wouldn’t marry.” At first, it sounds like solid counsel but when you think about that, does it make sense? Dating has evolved over the years to mean different things to different people. Ask teen what the think about dating and they will describe something that is entirely …Read More

My Car and My Date – Better Than Nothing

Consider your date; have you settled? My daughter drives a 2000 Honda civic. It’s a good, reliable car that gets her where she needs to go. She doesn’t take very good care of it because, well, she’s just not that crazy about her car and it shows. If you ask her how she likes her car, she will respond, “It’s better than nothing.” Change is hard and like they say, …Read More