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Protect And Defend The One You Love

It was such a great visit! Meeting Trevor’s mom for the first time went well. Ashlee and Trevor left his mom’s house with the seal of approval and hope for a future…until the phone rang. Trevor’s mom could easily be heard screaming through the back of Trevor’s Smartphone as he tensed up under the attack. Ashlee sat listening with tears filling her eyes as Trevor’s mom demanded that he break …Read More

Why Premarital Counseling Doesn’t Work

It’s not the counselor’s fault. Premarital counseling has been around for many years; it’s not a new concept. I see both young and old couples get engaged and then begin the search for a counselor that will help the couple flush out problem areas in their relationship and confirm they are a good match. The premarital counseling is designed to give marriage the best possible chance of success. Sounds good, …Read More

4 Keys to Relational Respect

“She has no respect for me; she was actually sitting on the hood of my new car!” They say respect is earned, but it’s also a choice. You can choose to put your feet up on someone’s coffee table, leave your dishes in their sink and sit there while they wait on you. Worse than the lack of respect for things that don’t belong to you is the lack of …Read More