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Media Press Kit










Teen Dating Mechanic, Lisa Jander –
Author, Guest Expert, Speaker,
Relationship Coach



Media Kit for Parenting Tweens and Teens:

1 – One Sheet – Parenting Teens

1 - One Sheet - Parenting Teens2 – Teen Myth Buster

2 - Teen Myth Buster3- Interview Questions for Parent Audience

3- Interview Questions for Parent Audience










Media Kit for Singles/Romance/Love/Relationships:

4 – One Sheet – Singles Dating

4 - One Sheet - Singles Dating

5 – Singles Myth Buster

5 - Singles Myth Buster

6 – Interview Questions for Singles

6 - Interview Questions for Singles











Bio: Lisa Jander, the “Teen Dating Mechanic,” is a Ceritifed Life and Relationship Coach, public speaker, former director of a dating service and author of, “Dater’s Ed: Driver’s Ed Model for Dating.” She uses driving and cars as the analogy to help parents teach their teens how to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships.” She believes in a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution. Though her passion is to help teens STOP reckless dating, Lisa applies the car and driving analogies to singles dating at any age.


MEDIA Contact Information:

Lead Dating and Relationship Coach
Lisa Jander – Teen Dating Mechanic
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014

(c) 951.285.5566



(e) Info@DatersEd.com