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The Key To Dating With Realistic Expectations

dating and driving expectations

Align expectations with reality and you will be less likely to be disappointed.

Tyler said he was madly in love with the Mercedes-Benz AMG. So, he bought a Kia Scion and was convinced that his “influence” over the car would transform it into the AMG that he really wanted. He saw the potential. He had hope.

How crazy is that? Well, you might think that is a little nuts, but people do this all the time in relationships. They have unrealistic expectations and think just by virtue of their “love” for another person, they will change that person into something they are not. Happens all the time.

When you pick up the brochure and read the spec sheet, the facts are clearly black and white. It’s the airbrushed full spectrum color that grabs your attention and gives you a false sense of reality. No matter how good of a driver you are, you will never be able to turn a Kia into a Mercedes. Just won’t happen. You can beg, plead, and yell all you want but the result is will still be the same.

The same is true for dating. You can spend thousands of hours and dollars trying to “convert” someone and end up frustrated, disappointed and possibly even crushed. If it looks like a Kia and drives like a Kia, it’s probably a Kia. For life.

Take a good, hard look at your dating expectations and be sure to see beyond the shiny exterior that got your attention in the first place. Check under the hood and use logic to determine if the internal condition matches your expectations.

dating expectaions

Are you dating someone “with potential” hoping to transform that person with your love? How is that working for you? Please step away from the vehicle and read the facts. The facts don’t lie, and that Scion will never be the Mercedes AMG you are longing for. Is it worth the investment to find out the hard way? Maybe it’s time to either change your expectations or head in a different direction.

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