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What drives Lisa?

Dater’s Ed: Vision and Mission.

“Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents” is not just a book. Dater’s Ed is a comprehensive program for parents, teens, tweens, families, schools, churches and youth affiliates that provides the tools necessary to insure healthy relationships of all kinds.The goal of Dater’s Ed is to deliver a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution as a Third Party Educator to STOP RECKLESS DATING through education and give our youth the healthy future they deserve.

Dater’s Ed does not promote or encourage teen dating – instead we provide a solid framework to address the innate desire children of all ages have to be in relationships and seek to be loved. We give any child advocate, including, but not limited to parents and entire communities, a model for any stage of youth development to set them on a solid course to strong, secure, interpersonal interactions. We promote parental involvement by teaching parents how to help their teens learn to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships.”

Who We Are – What We Do

Lisa Jander is the Teen Dating Mechanic, Parent Educator, Certified Life and Relationship Coach, CTACC, Public Speaker and Author of a book titled, “Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents.” Dater’s Ed is to dating what Driver’s Ed is to driving.

She is the Leading Expert in coaching parents and teens to learn how to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships” by giving them the social skills needed to avoid an accident. Lisa has mentored and coached hundreds of teens and is known by parents as the “Teen Dating Mechanic.”

Lisa is sought after by schools, churches, youth coalitions and other youth affiliates to help eradicate the negative cultural norms of unguided teen relationships through her powerful seminars and workshops using the analogy between driving and dating.

Lisa helps parents and their children define dating and establish boundaries that are tangible, measurable and can be implemented at any age of development.

The Vision

The vision of Dater’s Ed is to be recognized as the world’s foremost relational coaching organization for parents and teens. Dater’s Ed provides the instruction and implementation of a teen dating curriculum to promote healthy relationships through a unique comparison using the Driver’s Ed manual as a guide.

  • To provide parents with an Instruction Manual modeled after the Driver’s Ed Manual to assist them in building a concrete bridge between them and their children as the structure for healthy relationships. Clarify the developmental difference between “thirteen” and “nineteen” for every teen and guide parents to create a customized solution unique to their family dynamic in spite of the cultural norm.
  • To provide a 18 week online study curriculum for parents and school staff as an ongoing learning tool to minimize the risk of “reckless dating” at all levels of youth development.
  • To provide teens with fun and interactive workshops and assemblies to help them understand consequences and take ownership of their future relationships choices ultimately lowering the divorce rate. Programs will be facilitated by young adult “Third Party Instructors” who have been equipped and qualified to teach the Dater’s Ed curriculum.
  • To establish universally accepted “Rules and Regulations” as guidelines to minimize the “Emergencies and Hazards” currently pervasive in our teen dating culture through a mandatory educational program for all Middle and High School Students.

The Mission

The mission of Dater’s Ed is to provide an early, transitional and ongoing level of support to youth, parents, families, schools, churches and youth affiliates to promote healthy relationships as a model for future courtship and dating choices. By using an analogy between driving and dating, we can reach youth and youth advocates early on through a familiar, visual comparison to drive each message home. We believe this analogy has a profound and unique ability to impact our youth based on the concurrent desire to drive and date and proactively equip parents to prepare through education. The goal of Driver’s Ed is to educate teens to be safe, responsible drivers. The goal of Dater’s’s Ed is to educate teens to be safe, responsible “daters.”

Purposes & Goals

  1. Help families define dating in measurable terms and agree to adhere to the limits of those boundaries
  2. Slow down the epidemic proportions at which our teens drive blindly into unhealthy dating relationships assuming entitlement
  3. “Stop reckless dating” which results in causing harm to themselves and others: teen pregnancies, teen drug and alcohol abuse and teen dating violence.
  4. Put academics first in the school environment by educating parents on the exposure our youth have to other “available singles” during the school day and how they have issued themselves a “Learner’s Permit” for dating without parental permission.
  5. Help parents understand how the pressure of media and technology promotes premature teenage dating
  6. Involving parents in the instructional process through the comparison of the Driver’s Ed mandate to, “Get in the car!”

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