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GPS Coaching

Guided Personal Success

Through Better Choices

“Getting to your destination the shortest most effective route requires a good map.”

Why would you invest in a GPS?

A Global Positioning System makes the journey worth taking; you get to your destination faster, avoiding delays and can choose your own route leaving you more time to enjoy the adventure. The deeper reason is that you just don’t want to be lost.

With GPS Life Coaching,you can be confident that you are headed in the right direction,

make your life more meaningful and your trip more fulfilling.

  • Get more mileage out of your day
  • Become a hero in all your relationships
  • Give the gift of time
  • Listen more deeply
  • Live more passionately
  • Fuel your dreams

Using the GPS Life Coachingmethods, you will gain new insight and clarity on how to reach your goals and dreams at a faster pace by avoiding obstacles and barriers that have kept you from getting where you would like to be.

I will help you navigate the road to your personal success and map a plan to get you there:

If you are “stuck in a rut” or can’t seem to “get it in gear,” GPS Life Coaching with Lisa Jander is the next best investment in your future.

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Let the journey begin