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Coaching for Teens

As a Coach for Teens…I have a question for you…

How do you know if your teen is headed for the Teen Dating Crisis?

Teens have a parallel desire to drive a car and to date around the same time. You hire a Third Party Educator to teach your teen how to drive safely. You sit right there in the seat beside your son or daughter and observe what he or she has learned and what skills still need to be developed. You trust the curriculum to educate your teen about the emergencies and hazards they WILL encounter while driving. You would never even consider letting your teen drive without instruction by a Third Party Educator that is qualified to help your student pass the test.

So, what is the plan you have in place to insure your teen is safe while dating?

The Dater’s Ed coaching program works because it is modeled after a 100 year old proven system of preparing teens to drive LONG before they accelerate out onto the open road. It just makes sense to capture the opportunity to teach teens how to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships” BEFORE they accelerate down Lover’s Lane.

What makes my coaching unique is that I use everything teens are familiar with in driving and cars to “drive home” the concepts of safe teen dating. It takes the awkwardness out of the tough subjects: Boundary Lines, Dating Under the Influence and who is part of their Pit Crew.

This is not “speed dating.” In fact, just the opposite. Teens don’t start driving by entering the Grand Prix, right? The goal is to evaluate the social and relational skill set and guide teens through a course that will put them on the right road to better choices in ALL areas of life: friends, family, employer and yes, eventually a great date and ultimately, a thriving marriage at mile marker number 4,315!

The reality is that your chances of single-handedly educating your teen to make good relational choices in our society are a million to one. Not that you are not a great parent, but that social media, technology and cultural norms have made it almost impossible to do your job.

I believe that without a proactive education from a Third Party Educator and healthy, intentional support, even the most successful and intelligent teens are headed for disaster. They may make it past the teen dating years under you care and protection, but college and beyond are where most teens are prone to “accidents.” By giving them the tools and skills they need NOW, you have a far greater chance of keeping them out of the junkyard of broken hearts.

I have many years in this industry of coaching teens on how to prepare for future dating. I am SUCCESSFUL because I understand what it takes to be focused and intentional and how all too often, you lose yourself in the process.

I’ve become the voice and the champion for today’s modern, successful, smart, single teens who know the value of investing in themselves and reorganizing priorities to help them get all that they have ever dreamed they could have in the way of healthy relationships.

Maybe you have and older, more mature teen that has had a successful high school experience with friends but now feels unsure about dating. Private coaching with me is like getting a Graduate Degree in Relationships. Most importantly, it’s like getting an education in YOU.

Trying to conquer the daunting task of educating a teenager about choosing the right road is like trying to nail jello to a tree. The teen brain is a complex maze of thoughts, emotions, chemicals and pathways sealed inside an underdeveloped globe where it’s not always easy to see what is going on under the hood. The great part for you is that I have compiled 9 years of scientific research on brain development so you don’t have to! I use car parts to explain the dynamics and mechanisms in the brain as an analogy to explain teenage behavior.

My teenage coaching is fun and informative but it will also be direct and get your teen thinking and feeling in a totally new way. I ask questions, I don’t answer them. Teens are old enough to think for themselves and challenging the “I don’t know” response requires skill, persistence and patience. I will never go against your beliefs or values and clearly work to support your family framework. My in depth questionnaire will reassure you that your teen is in good hands.

I’m passionate about getting your teen headed in the right direction and give you the confidence that healthy relationships are the future for your student.

So, buckle up! Let’s take the next step and give your teen the education and support needed to succeed! Here is how it works:

The investment for the Teen Coaching program is:

$1,000.00 per month with a 6 month minimum.

What do you get for your investment?  I look forward to guiding you through the journey, so here’s what my Coaching for Teens includes.

  1. A full 3 hours of coaching in the first month which will enable me to:
    • do a preliminary review of your family situation and your unique situation,
    • review the resources you have available through our website Library,
    • discuss with you the main areas you want to address,
    • and map out a plan to achieve success in guiding you to healthy relationship choices
  2. Scheduled regular virtual meetings with me personally, confidentially, one-on-one:
    • These meetings will be by telephone, online meeting room or email to review progress, plan activities, discuss options and/or have general teen guidance discussion.
  3. Education – You will receive a Lisa Jander LIVE Webinar Archive special access for weekly viewing. Each Webinar will address a different Safe Teen Dating topic.
  4. Attendance at one of Lisa’s Local Workshops.
  5. A copy of Dater’s Ed: Teens Edition eBook.

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Safe teen dating does not happen by accident!  

It’s time to STOP RECKLESS DATING through education.

Contact Information:

Teen Dating Mechanic, Parent Educator and Relationship Coach
Lisa Jander
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014

(+01) 951-285-5566
(e) Info@DatersEd.com

To find out if your teen is on the right road to healthy relationships and test thei dating maturity, take the FREE Teen Dating Readiness Gauge and get your teen’s score in minutes!

For more information about the comprehensive, self-paced online curriculum, visit TeenDatingLicense.com