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Coaching for Parents

As a Coach for Parents of Teens, I have a question for you…

Are you a loving, conscientious, engaged parent but somehow you feel like you are missing the tools to guide your teen through the dating years?

I can help you!  I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in coaching Parents of Teens.  I provide you with concrete principles using driving and cars as the analogy to help you teach your teens to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships.”

With many years in this industry, I have equipped hundreds of parents and teens to successfully AVOID RECKLESS DATING and develop the social skillset necessary to recognize unhealthy relationships. You rely on the soccer coach, piano teacher, math instructor and dozens of other healthy adults to come alongside you to give your teen the best possible instruction and successful future. Why not do the same for the most common detour that takes our teens off course – choosing unhealthy relationships?  As a Parent Educator, my private coaching will give you the support and confidence you need to protect your teen from an accident.

I have spent over a decade working with Parents of Teens and have compiled over 9 years of brain research to share with you in our coaching sessions that will help frame up how teens think about dating. Please understand, I DO NOT PROMOTE TEEN DATING! – Our culture does. And no matter how hard we try as parents, forbidding dating is no longer enough. I have a unique perspective that simply cannot be found anywhere else and I know that safe teen dating does not happen by accident.

My teen dating Coaching for Parents is fun and informative, but it will also be direct and get you thinking about teen dating in a totally new way.

Would you ever let your teen drive a car without tons of supervised instruction? Well then, don’t let them date that way either!

The investment for the Parents Coaching program is:

$1,000.00 per month with a 6 month minimum.
What do you get for your investment?  I look forward to guiding you through the journey, so here’s what my Coaching for Parents includes.
  1. Up to 3 hours in the first month which will enable me to:
    • do a preliminary review of your family situation and your teens unique situation,
    • review the resources you have available through our website Library,
    • discuss with you the main areas you want to address,
    • and map out a plan to achieve success in guiding your Teen to safe dating
  2. Scheduled regular virtual meetings with Lisa:
    • These meetings will be by telephone, online meeting room or email to review progress, plan activities, discuss options and/or have general teen guidance discussion.
  3. Education – You will receive a Lisa Jander LIVE Webinar Archive special access for weekly viewing. Each Webinar will address a different Safe Teen Dating topic.
  4. Attendance at one of Lisa’s Local Workshops.
  5. A copy of Dater’s Ed: Parents Edition eBook.
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I look forward to working with you and your teen to insure a safe teen dating experience.

Lisa Jander
The Teen Dating Mechanic

You can always feel free to contact me directly at:

Contact Information:

Teen Dating Mechanic, Parent Educator and Relationship Coach
Lisa Jander
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014

(+01) 951-285-5566
(e) Info@DatersEd.com

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For more information about the comprehensive, self-paced online curriculum, visit TeenDatingLicense.com

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