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Book Preview

                                                                                                       Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents

Very few students fail Driver’s Ed – millions fail at dating.Today’s traffic report: your 6th grader is accelerating toward the dating highway without a permit. Your 17-year-old is stalled at a relationship intersection baffled by which way to turn.What will you do to keep your student from hitting the concrete wall of a dating disaster?

Dater’s Ed does not promote reckless teen dating – our culture does.

Sweet sixteen and revved up to date. Do you hand your student the keys and say, “Okay, honey, you’ve reached the Legal Dating Age. Have fun!”? How does a child earn a license to date?

Dater’s Ed is to dating what Driver’s Ed is to driving. Need a curriculum to steer your child safely through the relationship fog? Lisa Jander takes an intelligent, innovative, and humorous look at the important role parents must play in their child’s dating education. Adapting the Driver’s Ed manual, she expands 17 driving analogies, using everyday car and driving examples to teach parents how to reduce dating injuries. “Hold your horsepower there fella! I don’t think you’re firing on all cylinders.”

Learn how to shift gears if a student is Dating Under the Influence. Recognize dating Emergencies and Hazards. Turn common street signs into dating lessons.  Endorse a qualified Dating Instructor and assemble a Pit Crew to keep your student from crashing and burning.

Who should read this book? Parents of Middle School students looking for a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution.

Buckle up, parents – it’s the Law of Attraction. Do you have complete confidence in your own proving grounds? Unless you have a test track for teen dating in your backyard, this book is a must.

Save your student from a dating collision – your window of opportunity is much smaller than a garage door.

Lisa Jander is a Certified Life/Relationship/Dating Coach, CTACC, and Public Speaker. As the mother of two and surrogate to hundreds more, the Teen Dating Mechanic shares her unique relationship insights with her readers. Her powerful seminars and interactive workshops provide parents and students with creative tools to navigate the relationship highway.

Click any of the 3 active chapter links below for a preview of the book you just can’t parent without!


Segment One

  •    Chapter 1: What is Dating Anyway?
  •    Chapter 2: When Can They Date?
  •    Chapter 3: Logging Hours
  •    Chapter 4: The Responsible Dater
  •    Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Instructor
  •    Chapter 6: Qualifying for Dater’s Ed
  •    Chapter 7: The Perfect One
  •    Chapter 8: Salesmen or Pit Crew?

Segment Two

  •    Chapter 9: Start Your Engines!
  •    Chapter 10: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign
  •    Chapter 11: Boundary Lines
  •    Chapter 12: Pull Over! I’m Driving!
  •    Chapter 13: Dating Under the Influence
  •    Chapter 14: Emergencies and Hazards
  •    Chapter 15: Night Vision and Visibility

Testing and Licensing

  •    Chapter 16: Passing the Test
  •    Chapter 17: Handing Over the Keys