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Protect And Defend The One You Love

It was such a great visit! Meeting Trevor’s mom for the first time went well. Ashlee and Trevor left his mom’s house with the seal of approval and hope for a future…until the phone rang. Trevor’s mom could easily be heard screaming through the back of Trevor’s Smartphone as he tensed up under the attack. Ashlee sat listening with tears filling her eyes as Trevor’s mom demanded that he break …Read More

Are You a Dating Abuse Rubbernecker?

How do you know if you would be a dating abuse rubbernecker? What is it about an auto accident that makes so many people stare but so few stop to help? I bet spectators outweigh participants 100 to one…if not more. Human nature has a way of finding more reasons to stay out it instead of offering to help. Watch the video. Think about the last time you saw an …Read More

3 Gift Ideas With Guaranteed Meaning – Part VI

So many gifts to choose from but which ones will make a real difference to the giver and receiver? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the materialism and the pressure of buying Christmas presents. Finding the perfect gift is often replaced by the need to find ANY gift! With only a few days to go, these tips can help you make Christmas even more special with a personalized touch with …Read More

3 Ways To Make Real Time Not Fake Time – Part V

Quality time seems to be a fading love language. As our lives get busier and busier, the quality of time we spend with loved ones diminishes. Distracted by work demands, the “to-do” list, and technology, we are crushing the value of the time we spend with loved ones. It can be almost meaningless. The two words in “Quality Time” are equally important. One without the other has very little impact …Read More

Don’t Bring Me Flowers! Fix The Toilet! – Part IV

“Acts of service” is the love language that probably takes the most effort. When you are in a relationship with someone who naturally is wired to express love with an act of service, it comes very easily for him or her. The friend who jumps up from the dinner table and helps with dishes. The brother who shovels your driveway before you get home from work. The spouse who makes your …Read More

3 Ways To Speak Words Of Love – Part II

Words in the form of genuine compliments, encouragement, praise or acknowledgement can make a world of difference in how love is expressed and received a relationship between two people. Likewise, words that tear down, berate, dismiss or cause doubt will obviously not have a positive effect and can even be hurtful or damaging. The brain has a way of taking inputs and turning them into beliefs. So, as an example, …Read More

Are You Dating A Lug Nut?

What’s in a name? As in Chrysler? Honda? Ford? Or Smith? If you are familiar with the name, it probably evoked some sort of response when you read each one: “Chrysler-struggling.” “Honda-dependable.” “Ford-aggressive.” “Smith-self-centered.” The manufacturer of a particular vehicle says a lot about what you can expect in performance, reputation, accountability and will give dozens of other indicators to help you make your decision and not end up dating …Read More

The Key To Dating With Realistic Expectations

Align expectations with reality and you will be less likely to be disappointed. Tyler said he was madly in love with the Mercedes-Benz AMG. So, he bought a Kia Scion and was convinced that his “influence” over the car would transform it into the AMG that he really wanted. He saw the potential. He had hope. How crazy is that? Well, you might think that is a little nuts, but …Read More