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3 Ways To Make Real Time Not Fake Time – Part V

  1. Lose the technology.

Ok, this is not new, yet it is still resisted, excused, justified and your phone and computer are stealing moments and memories. Shut it down, power off and put it away. No one likes to compete with the other demands you have rationalized as “urgent and important.” “I hope you don’t mind, I am waiting for a call from my boss.” “Oh! I want to show you some pictures from my game yesterday!” “Let’s take a selfie!” All these might be valid reasons but know that they are also decisions to diminish the quality time you think you are creating. The message it sends is that you have more quality time with your gadgets than your loved one. Be brave, commit to a techno-fast during quality time.


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Teens call me, "Mama j." Parents call me the “Teen Dating Mechanic.” I believe that by teaching teens about the risks in dating we can shift their thinking about relationships in this culture. As a Certified Relationship Coach, Public Speaker and Author of a book titled, “Dater’s Ed: Driver’s Ed Model for Dating,” I am passionate about promoting family education to STOP reckless dating before it begins.

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