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3 Ways To Make Real Time Not Fake Time – Part V


Quality time seems to be a fading love language.

As our lives get busier and busier, the quality of time we spend with loved ones diminishes. Distracted by work demands, the “to-do” list, and technology, we are crushing the value of the time we spend with loved ones. It can be almost meaningless. The two words in “Quality Time” are equally important. One without the other has very little impact for expressing love in a healthy way. A person looking for quality time may have a deep desire for the time spent to look a certain way. For instance, a couple sitting together on the couch watching a movie may or may not count. Grocery shopping for one person may be filling a need when the other person is experiencing drudgery. The great part is that quality time can be created almost anywhere that two or more people are together. Here are some suggestions to make time together count wherever you are:Next

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Teens call me, "Mama j." Parents call me the “Teen Dating Mechanic.” I believe that by teaching teens about the risks in dating we can shift their thinking about relationships in this culture. As a Certified Relationship Coach, Public Speaker and Author of a book titled, “Dater’s Ed: Driver’s Ed Model for Dating,” I am passionate about promoting family education to STOP reckless dating before it begins.

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