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3 Gift Ideas With Guaranteed Meaning – Part VI


So many gifts to choose from but which ones will make a real difference to the giver and receiver?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the materialism and the pressure of buying Christmas presents. Finding the perfect gift is often replaced by the need to find ANY gift! With only a few days to go, these tips can help you make Christmas even more special with a personalized touch with every present you give:

  1. The New You

Gifts that signify a new stage in life can validate and encourage a person’s transition. Here are some ideas to spark the imagination:

  • New Driver – Emergency kit for the car
  • Teen > Young Adult – New bath towels
  • Teen or Young Adult moving out – pots, pans, dishes, glassware
  • Graduate – career specific gift: briefcase, career clothes
  • Newly Engaged – photography package
  • Newly Married – anything on the registry that is still available
  1. Just Between You

A gift that is special between two people creates or solidifies a bond. Think back on your history with that person and the special moment that was a gift itself: an event, a situation, a surprise…These can all be turned into a memorable gift that proves to have lasting meaning:

  • Saw a shooting star together? Gift a star from the National Star Registry
  • Know she loved the elephant at the zoo? Give her a stuffed elephant or figurine.
  • Did he take you golfing? Get him a new putter with the date engraved.
  1. I Care About You

There are dozens of people in your community that would value a gift far beyond the average person, those who do not have the means to purchase or obtain the gift for themselves. This kind of gift giving will not only bless another person but warm your heart in the process. Giving to someone who is less fortunate is one of the greatest gifts of all. Choose at least one person to be the recipient of a gift of love. You can do this a couple, a family, a group or as an individual:

  • Join a local non-profit or church that has organized a gift distribution that you can support. Toys, new clothes, games all to make someone feel loved by your gift.
  • Do you have a friend or neighbor that is ill? Why not fill their freezer with meals?
  • Do you know an elderly person that is using the same snow shovel from 1947? Or a single mom that could use your old computer for her stay-at-home business? Some people’s trash is another person’s treasure – you might be surprised by how grateful others are!

When you shift your thinking from mall shopping to meaningful shopping, your gift will automatically go up in value. The best part is that you won’t need a gift receipt – these presents are keepers!

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