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3 Dating Tune-up Tips You Need To Move Forward

dating couple near a broken car on the roadside

“Ugh. Worse than I expected. Again. Sure glad we caught this before it became a bigger problem.”

These sobering words could be spoken by a car owner or… someone in a dating relationship. Cars come with a service schedule to remind us to check the condition of our precious vehicle to make sure it is running smoothly. How nice would it be to have routine maintenance on our dating relationships to diagnose problems before they land us in the ditch!

Logic, common sense and awareness can make all the difference. Here is a list of 3 car service recommendations that we could apply to dating relationships and guarantee a more worthwhile investment.

  1. Routine Maintenance:

     Mileage-based services are a good way to stay on top of potential issues. Sometimes a generic tune-up is appropriate and other times you may need a more thorough evaluation. This usually happens at certain milestones. In dating, that can happen when there is new information causing conflict or changes in the direction the relationship is heading. If not easily repaired, it might be a good idea to consult an expert.

  1. Warnings:

    There are plenty of obvious warnings that indicate it’s time for a tune-up. Don’t ignore the signs. The longer you put off addressing the problem, the more likely it is to turn into a problem that does damage beyond repair. Pay attention to these indicators and get them diagnosed at your earliest opportunity. Diagnosing and fixing a minor problem can help you avoid a much bigger and costlier problem down the road. In a dating relationship, it is easy to ignore the obvious problem when the brain is flooded with love chemicals. Take a break and self-diagnose the warnings you are sensing and look at each concern with eyes wide open and a whole lot of logic. 

  1. Stalling:

    If you experience stalling at intersections, when you try to accelerate, or at other times, not only is this a warning sign of trouble lurking, but it also can put you in a compromised situation. It is not uncommon in a dating relationship that one person begins to stall. Dating seems awkward or unnatural, and the progression of the relationship is stunted. It is important to address the reason for the stall and make necessary adjustments to proceed. Sometimes, it is just a symptom of a much bigger problem than cold feet.

Every car has scheduled maintenance; every relationship should be maintained as well. Just because everything is running smoothly does not mean you should ignore a routine inspection. Are you spending more time and money to ensure you car is running properly than you are to insure your dating experience is tuned-up? Maybe a value adjustment is needed.

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Love Quote: “Inspect your relationship more often than you inspect your car.”

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