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3 Bad Habits in Dating


It was the third date…and probably the last.

Ever since they started dating, the way she would butt into conversations was just plain annoying.

Jake really liked Bri’s positive attitude, her sense of humor and her talent on the basketball court. But off the court, it was impossible to tell a story without her interrupting. If Jake brought it to her attention, she would pout for a while and then go right back to being rude.

Hundreds of new dating relationships experience an early demise because of an annoying habit. It might be nail-biting, chewing with your mouth open or worse, constantly nagging the person you are dating. By recognizing your own little bad habits, you can improve your social skills and not miss out on great relationships.

Like the little reflectors in the middle of the road that let you know you are drifting into someone else’s lane, the people around you are probably trying to tell you gently that you are crossing the line. Here are some tips on how to check to see if you need to make a correction in three of the most common bad habits:

  • Social Skills – Social Skills are how you behave around people. Underdeveloped social skills can be the kiss of death in a relationship. What you have learned along the way may need a tune-up. Are you a good listener or are you the one doing all the talking? Do you maintain eye contact to let the other person know you are paying attention and that their opinion matters? Are you polite, respectful, kind, generous and an overall great person to be around? Your social skills are magnified when you are dating and refining your interpersonal relationships will go a long way.
  • Social Awareness: – Social Awareness is how perceptive you are about how and why others behave a certain way. It shows your sensitivity to other and ability to act accordingly. There will be many times in dating where you will be in a group of people. Pay attention to the cues. If the mood is quiet, lower your voice. Laughter? Approach with a smile. Best advice if you are unsure is to mimic the mood. If two people are talking, don’t butt in. Adjust your behavior to meet the atmosphere of the other people.Watch facial expressions of the person you are dating. If you see him or her wince or frown, that is a good sign you might be doing something that is annoying or offensive. Take a mental note and tune-in to whether or not what you are doing is a bad habit that you should address. Take turns talking and don’t dominate the conversation. A great gauge is to talk for about a minute or less and then let someone else respond.
  • Social Virtues: Social virtues are who you are, your moral excellence. They are what motivate you to behave a certain way around people; they drive the process. They are the internal gauge and character foundation that defines you. Respect, kindness, self-control, humility, other-centeredness, flexibility and so on. Social virtues determine the healthy staying power in a relationship. Contrary to neediness and self-absorption, social virtues thrives on what is the best for others and “outserving” in love.

Ask your friends and family members to weigh in. If the majority think you need some work on your social skills, social awareness, or social virtues in dating, try to take the criticism constructively and make the necessary adjustment.

Though some might argue that, “If you don’t like me the way I am, too bad!” While it’s important that you don’t feel you have to conform to everyone else’s ideals, it is still to your benefit to become the very best you can be without annoying people.

Love Quote: It’s just like magic! When you live alone, all of your annoying habits disappear! 

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